Jeep Project


What is Jeep Project?

I always wanted a Fine Arts degree, and am currently enrolled in the Fine Arts program at Sheridan. Being from Pakistan, I always love to express my culture through art. One way is to introduce truck art, where local truck drivers would paint messages on their trucks using bright colours. 

When I was looking for a new car, I decided to buy a Jeep and wrap it with digitally created truck art wrap.

I have tried to use similar colours and designs on my jeep as one might find on the original trunk art.


What is the Truck Art?

Trucks are not only used for the delivery purposes but in the South Asian Region which includes Afghanistan and Pakistan, trucks are decorated with bright paints, mirrors, bells, chains, motifs of birds, flowers, famous personalities, animals, fish, glittery sheets, stickers, battery-operated lights, jangling chains, beadwork and woodwork.

Truck art is a folk art that represents dreams, inspirations, hobbies, the imagination of the Pakistanis and the painters. It also shows the close bond of the truck owner with his vehicle and how much he values it through decorating it.

The decoration pieces are often the glitziest part of a fully Pakistani truck. The decoration piece is an important part of the truck and the most eye-catching part of the vehicle.

The public is always amazed to see the detailed artwork on the trucks. Each truck is customized with a different theme and every panel is filled with the imagination of the artists. Truck art is popular because of the hard work, mastery and artistry of the painters. These painters spend many hours decorating the truck. Truck art involves there presentation of emotions, passion, love, and care for their trucks. 

Truck art has also been used to deliver messages regarding social justice, education and women's rights in remote areas of the country.

About Samina Amin: I am a proud Canadian and this is my take on truck art, infusing modern technology, with the traditional art form. Real estate and art are my passions.

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